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Chen Xiang regretted it a little now, he didn’t know when it would end like this, and the temperature was already scary enough. He can guarantee that as many people come down from the Nirvana Realm, they will die. Only a guy like the Primordial Fire Beast can come down from this kind of place.

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Hua Xiangyue has great confidence in Chen Xiang. She has personally seen Shen Xiang participate in many alchemy competitions, and almost every time he can get the best results. What makes Hua Xiangyue more curious is that Chen Xiang is carved like a ruby. Betking’s alchemy furnace, before she thought that Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills

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()Seeing that Wang Quan was so angry, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming hurriedly came to the side of Chen Xiang in Liverpool to prevent Wang Quan from attacking Chen Xiang recklessly. please:. “” “Where’s the reward?” Chen Xiang was more concerned about this, he walked all the way for the fruit of creation. Wang Quan

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The list made Chen Xiang feel funny because Parimatch, after this Gongsun Jie got out of trouble, he didn’t leave this formation first. When Gongsun Jie saw Chen Xiang’s expression, he immediately reacted, flew backwards, and bombarded the ground violently, cracking the ground and destroying the FlashScore formation. I also have a certain understanding of

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Chen Xiang kept spinning, the huge lightning tornado seemed like it would never stop, it crazily extracted everything on the ground, and wherever it went, it would be razed to the ground. After those King Kong lion eagles were drawn in, they collided with some huge boulders inside, or collided with each other, and at

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Volume Two Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming walked back and forth by the edge of the deep pit in the forbidden area, their faces full of anxiety. ()Because there are still three days before the registration deadline, they know that Chen Xiang has passed a very difficult hurdle, Leap should have entered the ultimate realm,

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The greater the reaction of the emperor crystal, it means that the resources of the mine are more abundant. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and sensed the situation of the surrounding mineral veins through the emperor crystal. Soon, an image appeared in his mind, on the lotus island. Under the sea area on the other

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——After the meeting, everyone left in a hurry, because time was short, and although some of these people were elders, they were still responsible for managing various affairs of the martial arts academy. Only Chen Xiang still stayed here. Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “I’ve been looking for her in Man City, but

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Chen Xiang took the Jade Online Casino box containing the Foundation Establishment Pill and a storage bag containing 60 million crystal stones, he counted them, and nodded with satisfaction, “Little Maotou, you suffered a loss once, play The vice president remembers, I didn’t let you go to the master’s place, it’s fine,” Chen Xiang said

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Open fast, is your best choice! Liu Meng’er pinched the flesh around Chen Xiang’s waist, and said coquettishly: “Little scoundrel.” Sister Meng’er, it’s a pity that you left in such a hurry last time and didn’t see me show my skills! “Chen Xiang sighed with disappointment on his face. Of course Liu Meng’er saw that

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