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“It should have such an effect on all the pills I have refined, and I will try the mid-grade pill next time I have the magic medicine.” Chen Xiang began to fuse the large mass of livescore to condense the pill. This was refined from two bone-like pills. If Chen Xiang had used the limit

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Chen Xiang didn’t dodge, because of this unnecessary thing, he didn’t know what kind of Paripesa formation Leng Youlan had used, to have such magical power. The flames were burning under his skin at this time. He used the celestial phenomena of the celestial phenomena to make his body have the scorching heat of the

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Chen Xiang has already decided to do this, which means that the three spirits he cultivated before need to be re-cultivated. Of course, he does not intend to erase the Slot Games and start from scratch. It will take too much time, and it is still affiliated It will greatly reduce his strength. What he

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Article query: Popular keywords: Author: Category: Chen Xiang directly teleported to Jiutian City through the teleportation array. Although he couldn’t see Xue Xianxian and Hua Xiangyue, Chen Xiang was not in a hurry, they were all very busy now. This kind of war breaks out, and there is an urgent need for pills, formation disks,

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Contents: Website: Although Feng Yujie came back, Feng Yujie didn’t say too much about Chen Xiang, so they didn’t know. Now Yan Zilan and Wu Kaiming were a little surprised when they learned about Chen Xiang’s la liga cultivation, because it was completely different from what they expected, and they felt that Chen Xiang in

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Search tags in the bar Follow: 692 Posts: 3,8090 replies, 1 page in total. The owner of the bar, la liga11xBet0, Chen Xiang found two divine souls from the divine sea of ​​the God Swallowing Bull. He has already begun to take out these two divine souls, guiding them to the bone grid of his

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Yue’er didn’t know where he got a bead from Nairabet and handed it to Yang Tianyi. Yang Tianyi looked at the blue flame dancing inside the bead, and asked: “This kind of spirit is very familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere.” “This is the star spirit. After some stars like the burning sun

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The second head of the Xingyue God Clan actually came to look for Yue live betting in person. This was obviously because of something very important. Chen Xiang and Bai Hu immediately thought of the matter of the reincarnation festival! The reincarnation sacrifice is very important in the eyes of the high-level members of the

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Xie Ao had hinted before that Chen Xiang had a strong backer in the Supreme Temple, Zhan Xi didn’t know about this, and Zhan Xi just thought that Xie Ao was a little guy in the boxing hall. Chen Xiang learned that the boxing hall belonged to the forebet forces of those kingdoms of God,

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No pop-up window) Chen Xiang was in the section chief of the Vegetable Elf Village, so he stole 22Bet to listen to the conversation between Zhanxi and those gods of Ziyan Mountain. This Zhanxi promised those gods of Ziyan Mountain, etc. After the competition, they tried to lure Chen Xiang out to kill those gods!

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