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·The Nobles Who Lost Their Territories in Volume 1 When the figure of the Molten Lord disappeared on the horizon of the First Mountain Range, Marvin was completely at a loss. ¢£¢£, he also wondered if Molten Lord was playing a surprise detour. However, when the voice of Sportybet, the god of truth, sounded, he

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The appearance of the Fate Tablet is undoubtedly a huge shock to Feinan Continent, which is already in turmoil. The timing of its appearance was so coincidental that the prophecies of all the gods in the kingdom of heaven lost their effect. They are still fighting with the star beast. But other powerful beings in

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Jessica’s voice was very calm and roulette, but it touched the deepest and softest part of Marvin’s heart. He is a very smart person, but a smart person tends to overcomplicate things when he has an Evolution game. Especially when he gets a lot of extra information. To be honest, Marvin was a little at

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The Dark Dragon God himself didn’t even think of Nairabet, things would develop to this point! He just glanced negligently, and his plane was actually invaded by someone! What’s even more unlucky is that now, in order to fight against the invading star beasts, the gods of the entire heavenly kingdom are waiting in full

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Author of the text: Shenman City Blue Coconut Juice Update: 20160208 22:32 Word Count: 4032 Ma’s idea is very simple, the authority of the power of apocalypse is so high that it even has supernatural power. zha4champions leaguengdega59 depends on at least on the rumble plane of Feinan, the law of the power of apocalypse

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The Rotten Mushroom Swamp is the southernmost mystical realm of the Underdark. ┟&&╡┟┠╡┟w〔w〔w<.〈u8xs. Because of the Snake Witch, most of those who trespassed here disappeared forever in this land. The Snake Witch arranged this place as a place of death full of traps, and she herself lived in seclusion in a cabin in the middle

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With the growth of sports betting strength, many of the opponents Marvin has encountered no longer need Spinmatic to ask him to go all out. In fact, the state he is currently in is actually a bit embarrassing for Liverpool. Below the legend, even ordinary legends, he can easily defeat them. However, if he went

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A corner of the Pusen plane, in front of a huge ruin. ∏∈∏∈, a group of people stood solemnly, including a small group of royal knights. Marvin and Aragorn stood in front of the ruins, showing a dignified look. Besides the two, Nuonuo and Ao Lan, the first mage of the court, also arrived here.