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Because Chen Xiang came from the Chelsa Mortal Martial World. So no one has his detailed information, only know that he is currently living in the city lord’s mansion and killed the second city lord with brutal means. Not only was he not pursued by Du Yanyao, he even became Du Yanyao’s fiancé. This caused

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Chen Xiang was hugged by Du Yanyao from behind the Premier League, feeling the comfortable friction of that delicate and warm body, listening to Du Yanyao’s seductive words, her intoxicating voice echoed in his mind. Moaning softly, Chen Xiang had thought of killing this woman countless times in his mind, but he finally held back.

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577__(8jzw)57Surebet2477BetWinner_From () Hua Qiuxia hates Chen Xiang very much, perhaps because of jealousy, of course, but also because of Chen Xiang’s attitude towards her in the martial arts competition last time, which made her brood. //Look//”There is something you have to do. This is what Baccarat told you from the Demon Academy.” Hua Qiuxia’s face

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Seeing that Chen Xiang’s attack was so cruel, the other students of Dongfang Lie Sun Hall were immediately moved, but they were all extremely angry, because Chen Xiang’s attack was too ruthless, and he destroyed the man in two or three strokes, all his dantians were wiped out by him, and all the dantians in

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The second volume of the Tiangu Eclipse lasted for a month, and the land that had been shrouded in darkness for a month was once again illuminated by the sun. Many people have long been familiar with it, but many forces are not calm. (下_load_lou Www.XiaZiLo.om). None of the several elders and hall masters who

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The list of Chen Xiang Slot Games is on a high plain. After he walked a few steps, his face suddenly changed, because his true energy suddenly couldn’t function, as if he had lost contact with him. He could feel the true energy. Qi is in the body, but it cannot be used! This was