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The Evil Snake King is not dead, so he will make a comeback in the future, but Chen Xiang is looking forward to that moment very much, he is confident that if that day comes, he will be able to kill the Evil Snake King’s main body, Mozzartbet. DukeBa Chen Xiang helped Yaoyundongtian. In the

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List Chen Xiang lifted the quilt and found that he was completely naked, so he hurriedly took out his clothes and put them on. ⅰ Lu Qinlian came over quickly, sat on the side of the bed, looked at Chen Xiang with a guilty face, and said softly: “You should have a good rest! I’m

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Leng Youlan nodded and said: “They all went. Originally, Master and Sister Xinyue flew up, but for some reason there was a big space gap, and then they flew up together.” Reached the realm of ascension, but she wanted to follow her aunt, so she passed. Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan felt that Ditian’s Peach

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Long Huishan smiled at Chen Xiang. His eyes became soft and flexible again. The ice dragon armor on his body also turned into a long snow-white skirt. Make her look elegant and elegant. “Scared me to death.” Chen Xiang chuckled. Wiped the sweat from his brow. Whoever is being stared at by a super strong

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Chen Xiang tidied up his clothes, and hummed softly: “You can take care of me, but there’s no need to pinch my place. Your own is so easy to pinch, so come and pinch mine!” “You…” Bai Ziqian snorted, Then enter the Youyao ring, no longer argue with Chen Xiang, this is very similar to

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Full-text catalog entry: This elixir looks like a blue gemstone inlaid with golden patterns, not to mention the efficacy, it just looks incredible, and the mountain spirit can see it now. I found some clues, because those spirit patterns are not simple, although they are densely packed, they are not chaotic at all. These spirit

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The text version of the mobile version article query: hot keywords: author: category: stepping into the blood-colored forest, Chen Xiang Parimatch immediately noticed that there was a very powerful beast hidden inside, and when the heart of this beast was beating, it made the earth With a very weak trembling, Chen Xiang almost didn’t feel

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Chen Xiang inspected Fan Yakun’s body and found that Fan Yakun had many injuries in his body. This was the reason why Fan Yakun’s cultivation was stagnant. He could still have such a high level in alchemy because he had a ghostly fire soul. for the sake. “Surebet247 How did your injury become rumble?