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Chen Xiang wasn’t surprised that the mother and daughter were together, he was just curious about what Yao Shumei wanted to hire thugs for? The two men who came in with Mu Jialan, Chen Xiang guessed that they should be the other two thugs recruited by NetEnt just now, but judging from their clothes and

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As soon as the middle-aged man came out, everyone immediately made way for him, and everyone looked at him in awe. The originally noisy and lively village became extremely quiet. Novel Guide This burly middle-aged man full of majesty is exactly Chen Xiang’s father, Chen Tianhu! “Is this your father? It looks very similar to

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The text version of the mobile version article query: popular keywords: author: category: Leng Youlan immediately became excited when she heard it: “I agree, it should have been a long time ago to ruthlessly fuck these bastards to death, forcing us to do so Tight. ♀”Xue Liverpool Immortal thought for a moment, then nodded: “Do

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Chen Xiang immediately said to Pan Yunlan: “They are here, you go to see them now, I will hide behind you, and a big battle outside will not affect Icewind Valley.” Pan Yunlan Nodding and saying: “Leap, I will send an order to livescore, block the entire Ice Wind Man City Valley, activate the strongest

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Betting Wang Qiongjin knows that her pill furnace is very good-looking, and this is something she is quite proud of, but this is Ditian, if it is in the heaven, there must be many people who will exclaim this pill furnace, she can only sigh secretly, the people here They’re all country bumpkins who don’t

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List the livescore Chen Xiang’s mind was running fast, thinking of a way. ╠Fast★www.ě “If you have time, you can refine a Destruction Frozen Pill, just like the one you used when you broke the seal last time.” Su Meiyao said. “I’m afraid Nairabet can’t do it. If the Immortal King recovers by then, it

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“Dragon Emperor, you don’t seem to be short of food, what are you worrying about. The champions league place of martial arts” Chen Xiang laughed. “There is no shortage of food now, but sometimes I want to change my appetite. This thing may be something from the ancient times.” Long Xueyi muttered. Chen Xiang’s

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Searching for novels: Volume 2 Volume 2 Fire God Palace thought that after Chen Xiang had struggled, there was no other way to escape. They also started to implement their plan at this time, which was to send people to talk to some forces that wanted to attack Chenwu Continent. Talk, win over these forces,